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New York Trib is a curated local news aggregator with the focus on New York City. 

We browse through over a hundred local news websites and blogs in all of the five boroughs and pick out the most exciting news items to bring to you. Our goal is to make sure we give you a full picture of what’s happening in your neighborhood. We pay particular attention to the development of local businesses and updates on politics and education in the city. But we’re also useful if you just want to have fun: offering the best ideas for things to do in the city and the coverage of latest cultural trends.

We are sure that New York Trib will become an important news source for New York City’s residents and will give a platform to small-scale local websites to widen their audiences and to receive a profit from advertising. It’s currently difficult for small publications with only a few subscribers to make it to the top of people’s newsfeeds on social networks. Meanwhile, RSS readers filter out advertisements, making it harder for small news websites to make money. So our priority will be to make sure that readers go directly to each publication’s website, and are encouraged to subscribe to newsletters of their interest, too.

That’s how we define our mission: to bring together small local news publications and their readers. 

We hope that you enjoy using New York Trib and find a lot of interesting information in the pages of your local news websites and blogs.

If you have any questions please contact us at team@newyorktrib.com or fill in our contact form

Thank you and enjoy,

The Trib Team