Tribeca is excited to get a new park on the piers. The construction will start later this year on Pier 26 and will become an eco-friendly replacement to the asphalt currently in place.

The park is being designed by Olin Studio which have released their fresh renderings for the new addition to one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in New York City.

Pier 26 Renderings From above

“The pier has a unique mission, providing a physical and virtual space that brings to life the invisible dynamics of the Hudson River Estuary, reflecting the current technologies and scientific understanding regarding its health, ecological successes, and challenges,” says OLIN Studio’s website.

Work on Pier 26 Park is expected to be done by the fall of 2020.

“This is the first pier dedicated to the ecology of the area, and it will also be a place where the community can partake in a variety of activities,” Madelyn Wils, the president and CEO of the Hudson River Park Trust, said to Curbed. “This would be the first time that this type of ecological area has been built in the city, and it will serve as a great educational tool.”

The pier will have some innovative features, such as a wetland tidal pool area on the western end. It will be used to teach students to learn about climate change, the habitat, and the salinity of local species during low tide.

There will be a wooden deck that will rise as high as 15 feet and overlook the wetlands, and offer lovely views of the city. Kebony wood, which is a highly sustainable type of wood, will be used in the construction.

Pier 26 Rendering Plan

The central portion of the pier will have two junior soccer fields, which Madelyn Wils, the president and CEO of the Hudson River Park Trust, said will cater to the growing need for outdoor playing areas for kids in the neighborhood.

There will also be a large lawn, and a forest canopy area filled with indigenous trees. They will serve a purpose for raising awareness about the endangered species of local plants.

Further future plans involve an education center near the entrance to the park designed by Rafael Viñoly Architects. The center that has already been named Estuarium has no start date so far.

Pier 26 Rendering Views

The current redevelopment of Pier 26 will be made possible by equal contributions of $10 million by the CitiGroup (who is currently also redeveloping their global headquarters in Tribeca), the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, and New York City.

It looks like things are looking good for the Hudson River Park. Earlier this month Governor Andrew Cuomo has included $50 million in capital funds for Hudson River Park in the annual state budget.

The southern part of the Hudson River Park was doing pretty well even without the new Eco-pier 26. Neighboring Pier 25 is a finished park with some beach-volleyball playgrounds, mini-golf, skateboard park and basketball playgrounds. There are large portions of greens literally called Green Park at Battery Park City few hundred feet away from soon to be built Pier 26.

Governor Cuomo, who is currently running for reelection, has pledged to finish the 4.5-mile-long park between Chambers and W. 59th St. even though a lot more money will be needed to actually do so. The most recent figure given by the Trust is that it will take $619 million to get the job done.

Pier 26 Rendering Playground

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